Planning and designing is my passion, and being organised is an integral part of me. These concepts follow through equally from little things at home as well as designing spaces at work.

I believe organised can be made both beautiful as well as efficient.

“Ornamento – The Jewellery Organiser” comes from my extreme unease of storing my fashion jewellery, trinkets and silver jewellery which I use on a daily basis.

I found that it took more time and effort to look for them than to match and adorn them. Keeping them back in boxes was no less troublesome, so I always ended up jumbling them up in a little tray on my dresser – ‘I will organise later’ – which unfortunately seldom happened.

On Ornamento, we can arrange our fashion jewellery – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings etc.. Ornamento can then be hung in out closet shutters, on the wall in the walk-in closet or on the wall itself.

Jewellery is beautiful, its time we celebrate them and decorate them. They deserve better than to be in a tangled mess in drawers and boxes. No more hassle looking for a missing earring and trying to recall what matches out attire today!!

Do try them. Thanks